CSCM was founded in 2020. Born out of a desire to increase the standards in the event security industry. CSCM employs over 50 staff, from SIA licensed security operatives, stewards, COVID-19 Compliance Officers and more. (Which we expect to increase during the forthcoming event season)

Since being formed, CSCM, has assisted several clients with their staffing needs at events, which include, festivals, sporting events, doors, Pride events and more!

With a staff base in South Wales , Gloucestershire, and Brighton, CSCM is suited to assist you in your staffing needs.

Having gone paper-free in regards to our APPLICATION FORM and in conjunction with our environmental policy, CSCM is moving forward with regards to the environment.  

The mission of CSCM is: To provide an experienced, professional bespoke security service tailored to the client, invest in staff development and emphasise close inter-agency working relationships.